Artist – Veronika Hilger

(Leia em Português)

Veronika Hilger was born in Prien am Chimsee in 1981. She studied at the Universität Augsburg and at the Akademie der Bildendedn Künste München. She has received prizes from the Erwin and Gisela Steiner Stiftung and an Atelierstipunden from the city of München. She lives and works in München and near the city of Rosenheim. Hilger has shown her work at the Akademie der Bildendedn Künste München, in Toulouse and at the kd3g Projektraum in München.

Veronika Hilger’s paintings are both abstract paintings as well as landscapes. In this way, they borrow from both worlds while residing in neither. Dream-like and recalling perhaps the abstract landscapes of David Hockney, Hilger’s paintings might be called dreamscapes grounded in landscape rather than landscapes, abstracted.

In addition to her striking paintings Hilger also makes sculptures. These works might be seen as three-dimensional studies for her paintings or, perhaps her paintings might be seen as sketches for her sculptures. The sculptures, culled from the same strikingly bright colors as her paintings, are also quite different. Delicate and more fully animated, they belong near her paintings and yet remain an entirely different thing.

By Cynthia Cruz

Visit the artist’s website:

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