About the Show

Another Gesture/ Um Outro Gesto/Eine weitere Geste/ presents four German and Brazilian female artists working in painting, drawing, and photography. The notion of “another gesture” suggests a two-fold approach: first, one that moves away from the dominant male legacy of abstract expressionism, in which gesture and opticality were used to champion purity and the uniqueness of painting as a medium.

The artists included in this show, working today, and in two differing hemispheres, either acknowledge or incorporate this past, but beyond that, they cling on to gesture, not only as a visual element, but as a conceptual vehicle for humor, for refusal, narrative, or memory. Second, within the word “another” there is a subtle play with the idea of being other to someone, a slight reference to the otherness that haunts historical relationships between Brazil and Germany. Although these historical ties do exist, in “Another Gesture” we eschew them to tell yet these women artists’ stories: we interrupt this rigid transnational narrative to create alternative ones through the idea of “gesture” as a generative theme. “Another Gesture” thus become an open-ended, consciously ambiguous, and fluid space, in which these artists, from different backgrounds, can navigate.

Dates: August 3rd – 20th, 2017

Artists in Residence Gallery – 155 Plymouth Street   |   Brooklyn NY   |   (212) 255 6651   |


Tatiane Santa Rosa & Cynthia Cruz



Our special thank you for the institutional support of:

Consulate General of Brazil in New York and the German Consulate General New York